"An excellent book to raise awareness and acceptance"

Something to Say About My Communication Device is an excellent book to raise awareness and acceptance of individuals who use devices to communicate. It is written in a way that’s suitable for all audiences. This book shows readers that no matter how someone communicates, what they say is important. Communication is powerful!
-Anna (Speech-Language Pathologist, North Dakota)

"Creating the important skills of empathy and understanding"

These easy to read stories do an excellent job of creating the important skills of empathy and understanding in children, and encourage diversity, inclusion and friendship in classmates, family and friends. 

-Ariel (School Counsellor, Alberta)

"A very special character to relate to"

The Something to Say Collection has given children with communication needs a very special character to relate to. 

Regardless of ability, every child has something important to say.

-Mia (Speech-Language Pathologist, Saskatchewan)

"An exceptional teaching tool"

[Something to Say About Stuttering] is a splendid book with beautiful illustrations that entice readers to learn more about Alex and how he tries to manage his stuttering in real life situations.  I recommend the use of this book at home, throughout the community, and within the school setting.  It can be used as an exceptional teaching tool due to it's accuracy, warmth, and positive promotion of 

effective strategies.

-Crystal (Teacher, Utah)

"What you have to say is always important!"

 This collection of books gives great insight into how a child with a communication disorder actually feels and focuses on what others can do to help. It is an excellent resource for teachers, parents, community members, SLPs, but most of all the child! Teaching children no matter their differences, what you have to say is always important! 

-Randi (Speech-Language Pathologist, Saskatchewan)

Little Ones



Meet Alexi! He likes race cars, the colour blue, and playing in the snow. He also gives the best hugs!

Alexi is enjoying his new book, Something to Say about My Communication Device.

A Tool for the Classroom!


"Such wonderful opportunities have been created as a result of these beautifully done books.

I have two children with speech issues in my class, one of them was getting teased. I read this book and we talked about his needs. 

They haven’t made fun of him since."

-Crystal (Teacher, Utah)

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