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Something to Say about My Speech

speech delay; speech disorder; something to say

Macey loves adventure and taking the stage! She also has difficulty with speech. Macey shares her experiences with communication as she enjoys her childhood in the 

same way her friends do. 

Something to Say about My Communication Device

AAC; speech delay; augmentative alternative communication; something to say

  Kate is friendly and loves to laugh. She's also a little competitive. Kate explains how she uses a communication device to help her 

express herself. 

Something to Say about Stuttering

stuttering; speech and language; something to say

  Alex plays soccer, rides his dirt bike, and helps with his little sister. He shares what it is like for him when he stutters, as well as ways to help make communication a little easier.

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Children will enjoy Macey, Kate, and Alex the dolls as they play 

and interact with their friends. 


The Something to Say collection of children’s books does not replace consultation or treatment by a 

Speech-Language Pathologist. If you are concerned about the speech and language development of a child, you are encouraged to seek out services from a certified Speech-Language Pathologist in your area. For a list of registered practitioners, you can visit in the United States or in Canada.